Baby Banz, Inc. is the ultimate in children’s sun protection. Baby Banz started in 2001 with the first Australian designed wrap-around sunglasses for infants and babies. The range was made available on the continent of Africa in 2003 through the Baby Brands cc agency in South Africa. Baby Banz now have a large selection of sunglasses, UV Clothing and UV Swimwear products for babies, toddlers and kids. Baby Banz are considered industry experts in infant and child UV Sun Protective Clothing, UV Sun Protective Swimwear and other UV Sun Protective items. The UPF/SPF rated items are designed for any lifestyle and for any child – whether UV swimwear or UV clothing for infants, toddler or children. All Baby Banz Inc Protective UV clothing carries SPF Skin Protection of UPF 50+ (UPF is the SPF equivalent for UV clothing and UPF50 being the Highest rating one can get). Baby Banz sell UPF / SPF Sun Protective Clothing and Sun Protective Swimwear including: SPF protective swim shirts, SPF swim shorts, SPF board shorts, SPF rash guards, SPF skirts, and of course SPF protective swim suits and sunhats.

The Baby Banz website is very easy to use and allows our customers the ability to easily view and shop by style, product type and/or color. Baby Banz is proud to develop and offer our thousands of loyal customers the best UV products available for children and the most detailed UV apparel product information available. Please check back as we continue to add more products in our mission to bring our customers the most variety in Sun Protective UV Clothing and Sun Protective UV Swimwear for children. Items include: Baby UV Swimwear, Children’s UV Swimwear, Children’s UV Clothing, Baby UV Hats, and Children’s UV Hats.

UV exposure is an ever increasing health threat for everyone. However, Baby Banz products are designed to keep the fun in the sun alive. UV Sun Protective Clothing and UV Sun Protective Swimwear (SPF Clothing) started over a decade ago and originated from Australia, the land down under, where they really know about the risks of too much sun. Not soon after, Baby Banz Inc was founded after a dad invented the wrap-around sunglasss for his then infant son. Baby Banz Inc is the original infant and child wrap-around sunglasses company. Baby Banz Inc now carries many choices of UV clothing and UV Swimwear fabrics and styles that all provide a UPF of 50+. These new styles, and some can be very fashionable, can essentially block out all the damaging UVA and UVB rays and in turn, one needs only to apply sun block to the remaining skin areas that are exposed. To this end, Baby Banz carries UV shirts, UV shorts, UV hats, and UV swimsuits that all carry a UPF of 50+ in many styles that not only can be used for swimming, but for hiking, camping, and even just going out for a day of playing at the park or beach.

SPF is for Sunscreen; UPF is for Clothing & Swimwear. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Some manufacturers and even some websites describe their clothing as SPF protective. However, as we all know, SPF was designed for and describes a sunscreen’s protectiveness and not clothing. However, UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. To help the consumer better determine the unique protection a garment has, a UPF rating system has been developed. The UPF rating system was first developed by the Australian Government to inform and protect their citizens from the sun’s very harmful rays in the Land-Down-Under. Shoppers should only consider buying a UV garment that as a UPF rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and moreover, from a reputable company and/or manufacturer that promotes the UPF rating system. Baby Banz only uses the UPF System to ensure our thousands of loyal customers that they are only getting the very best protection from their UV sun protective apparel item.

Sun Tan Lotion, the most common way to prevent sun damage, can be somewhat effective if it contains the right ingredients and it’s diligently applied every hour and half and/or immediately after swimming. Other than that, the only real precaution is to cover up and perhaps spoil the fun – even if you cover up, a regular cotton shirt only has a sun rating of 7UPF and then 4UPF when it’s wet. Baby Banz Inc offers: Sun Protective UV Clothing (UV sun protective skirts, UV sun protective pants, UV sun protective shirts, UV sun protective sun hats); Sun Protective UV Swimwear (UV sun protective swim shirts, UV sun protective swim shorts, UV sun protective swim suits, UV sun protective hats).